Review of Draft Australian Standards for Wound Prevention and Management 2022


The Australian Standards for Wound Prevention and Management provide a framework for delivering best practice in wound prevention and management. The aim of the Australian Wound Standards is to facilitate high quality clinical practice that achieves good health outcomes for people with wounds or at risk of wounding. The Australian Standards are relevant to regulated health professionals, unregulated health care workers, educators, researchers and service providers across Australia. The final document is intended for use by organisations delivering wound care services, wound care practitioners, people receiving wound care and their family carers.

Over the past two years, the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA), and its member, the WA Health Translation Network, have led a national project to update the Australian Standards for Wound Prevention and Management 2016. Wounds Australia has generously provided access to the 2016 Standards and has contributed to the current update.

The draft new Australian Standards for Wound Prevention and Management 2022 are now ready for stakeholder review. To ensure that they are relevant and effective, it is critical that this updated version is reviewed by as many relevant stakeholders as possible.

The Project Team

This project has been led, on behalf of AHRA, by the Western Australian Health Translation Network (WAHTN). The Project Team includes Professor Emily Haesler and Professor Keryln Carville, both of whom are widely acknowledged for their expertise in this area. Their work has been supported by a Project Working Group comprising:

  • Dr Denise Findlay, Curtin Medical School, Curtin University
  • Dr Sue Monaro, NSW Department of Health
  • Juliet Scott NP, Tasmanian Health Service
  • Assoc. Professor Peter Lazzarini, QLD Health and Queensland University of Technology
  • Pam Morey NP, Silver Chain Group and Wounds Australia
  • Professor Isabelle Skinner, James Cook University

The New Draft Standards

This fourth edition builds on the work completed for previous editions of the Australian Wound Standards and reflects current relevant standards, supporting clinical guidelines and other key evidence sources.

This review refers only to the eight Standards, listed below, but suggested reading includes the Introduction to the Standards, as well as the Glossary.

STANDARD 1: Scope of Practice

STANDARD 2: Collaborative Practice 

STANDARD 3: Wound Assessment 

STANDARD 4: Wound Prevention 

STANDARD 5: Wound Management 

STANDARD 6: Documentation 

STANDARD 7: Knowledge, Education and Research

STANDARD 8: Digital Platforms and Technologies


The review tool can be found here

The closing date for review responses is Friday 12 February 2022.

You can complete the entire survey or specific sections that are relevant to you/your industry. At the end of each standard is an open question for you to add any general comments. You will be able to leave the review and return to it later without losing what you have already completed and saved.

We are using a Qualtrics tool and the information you provide through this review is completely anonymous.

If you need any assistance to access the documents or to complete the review please contact Dr Tanya Tuffrey at

If you’re unable to complete the review but would like to provide general comments, you can write directly to Jo Wilkie, Manager National Projects, at