The Western Australian Health Translation Network (WAHTN) is focussing all efforts in coordinating collaboration among our members as we all work to minimise the health consequences of COVID-19. Please see our WA COVID-19 Research Collaboration page for full details.


WAHTN is the State’s body for coordination and advocacy for translational Health and Medical Research, established in response to a long-standing shared acknowledgement of the need:

  • For greater levels of collaboration and co-operation amongst and between researchers, clinicians, and consumers; and
  • To ensure that health and medical research discoveries are translated in a timely manner to patient care and community health, as well as health policies and strategies

WAHTN operates as a multi-site, state-wide, collaborative health translation network which brings together WA’s universities, medical research institutes, public and private hospitals, PathWest and the WA Department of Health, to embrace and accelerate research translation.

The coming together of these major stakeholders provides a real opportunity to achieve a co-operative approach to setting research priorities and translating research findings and discoveries. The principle role of WAHTN is to enable, facilitate and support these multi-dimensional and multi-layered processes.

The vision of WAHTN is to achieve a holistic approach to healthcare that seamlessly integrates research, clinical care, community health, policy, training and innovation to deliver the highest possible quality of health care, resulting in the attraction and retention of world class clinicians and longer and healthier lives for West Australians.



The WAHTN is a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recognised Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre (AHRTC). We are a member of the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA), which consists of seven AHRTCs and three Centres for Innovation in Regional Health (CIRH).


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