Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

Created under the direction of the Executive Board and with input from our twenty partners, WAHTN’s Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 defines our Vision, Mission, Purpose, and a series of Strategic Goals and Activities grouped under four pillars.

Our vision

The health of Western Australians is optimised through a collaboration of researchers, clinicians and consumers embedding research, innovation and its timely translation into world-class policy and practice.

Our mission

To support, catalyse and integrate innovative research with high-quality clinical care.

Our purpose

  • Promote health research, innovation and translation in response to state and national health priorities
  • Unify health researchers, clinicians, educators, consumers, health providers and industry to promote excellence and increase scale and national competiveness
  • Enable excellent research and its translation into policy and practice
  • Advocate on behalf of health researchers, clinicians and consumers
  • Catalyse increased public and private investment in Western Australia’s health research and innovation

Strategic goals and activities

Contribute to national and international competitiveness through:

  • Facilitating new and more diverse research partnerships at state, national and international level
  • Leveraging investment opportunities
  • Enhancing opportunities for WAHTN partners through collaborative investment in Australian Health Research Alliance Initiatives and Networks
  • Facilitating major multi-partner WA-led bids for national and international competitive research funding
  • Communicating research and innovation success through local and national networks to enhance translation of knowledge to practice at scale

Promote excellence in research and innovation through:

  • Facilitating the development of research platforms that enable research and innovation for WAHTN partners, including:
    • biobanking
    • clinical trial support
    • data-driven healthcare
  • Building on our strengths by identifying and supporting areas where WA research is at or near a level of global excellence
  • Identifying and supporting research in specific areas of priority

  • Strengthen priority setting, research, and translation of research into practice through:
  • Promoting a streamlined ethics and governance system
  • Promoting a strong research culture in clinical settings, and providing support and guidance to ensure research is embedded and valued throughout clinical organisations
  • Advocating for research-informed and research-enabling legislation, policy and governance

Enhance the capacity and capability of WA’s clinical research workforce including through:

  • Advocating for quarantined research time
  • Facilitating a coordinated state-wide approach to research training and education

Promote the involvement of consumers and community in all aspects of research activity.


WAHTN Strategic Plan on a Page [PDF, 4MB]

WAHTN Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 [PDF, 6MB]