WAHTN Activity Report 2017

One of WAHTN’s major successes over the course of the last year was to be awarded NHMRC accreditation as an Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre (AHRTC). This formal recognition places Western Australia amongst the world’s top centres performing translational research to directly improve patient care. WAHTN has now joined the other 6 accredited AHRTC’s and the 2 accredited CIRH’s to form the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA), with opportunity for linking partners and facilitating collaboration across the country in key areas, such as in clinical trials.

We take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Executive Director Professor John Challis for his valuable contribution to WAHTN and welcoming the new Executive Director Professor Gary Geelhoed from the 3rd of April 2018.

WAHTN are pleased to present the below Activity Report that summarises the substantial progress made by WAHTN during 2017.

WA Health Translation Network Activity Report January 2018