Invitation to provide feedback on Payment of participants in research: information for researchers, HRECs and other ethics review bodies

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The National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007 (Updated 2018) recognises the potential for payment of participants in research in accordance with the principles of research merit and integrity, justice, beneficence and respect. It also requires that participants be informed of any planned payments for this purpose (paragraphs 2.2.6, 2.2.9, 2.2.10, 3.1.10, 3.1.22, 3.1.29). NHMRC has developed more detailed material on this subject for researchers and reviewers in a document entitled Payment of Participants in Research: Information for Researchers, HRECs and Other Ethics Review Bodies. This document is intended to provide guidance to researchers and to reviewers of research to assist in decision-making about when payment of participants in research is ethically acceptable.

A draft version of this document is provided for your consideration and comment as part of a targeted consultation process. This process includes a set of specific questions in the form of a survey, as indicated below.

We seek your input on the structure and content of this document and, in particular, whether the information contained in it is sufficient, up-to-date and clear.

To participate in this targeted consultation process, please provide your feedback by responding to the survey here.<>

This invitation has been sent to you at a contact address for your organisation or as an individual that we believe may be interested in providing input to this consultation.

The closing date for this targeted consultation is 5:00pm (AEST) Friday 30 November 2018.

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