Science on the Swan 2019 Conference wrap up

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who presented, supported and attended the Science on the Swan 2019 Conference.


Science on the Swan (SotS) 2019 has successfully concluded after three days of inspirational talks, shared learnings and useful networking around the theme of Neuroscience and the Senses – Healthy Ageing across the Life Course. This was the 5th SotS conference hosted by the West Australian Health Translation Network (WAHTN) and the first co-chaired by Ear Science Institute Australia, the Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science and the Lions Eye Institute.


Speakers covered a large range of topics including: Hearing loss; Meniere’s disease; Eye disease; MedTech – wearable and implantable; Phenotyping and personalised medicine; Stroke treatment and recovery; Dementia; Alzheimer’s disease; Bipolar disorder; and healthy ageing.


The keynote speaker for SotS 2019 was the very popular BBC science presenter and creator of the 5:2 Diet, Dr Michael Mosley. Who was introduced by Nobel Laureate, Professor Barry Marshall. Dr Mosley spoke on How to keep your Brain Young – the secrets to successful ageing. The take home message, in a nutshell, was: eat well (i.e. the Nordic or Mediterranean diets), do regular strength and high intensity training and use your brain (use it, or lose it!)


This years SotS built upon four previous successful years and we’d like to share with you the worthwhile reads from some of our conference presenters, and long term conference partner organisations.


2019 Science on the Swan feature articles (produced in partnership with The West Australian newspaper):


We encourage you to keep up to date on next years SotS conference by signing up to WAHTNs Twitter or Facebook accounts. You can also check out the Science on the Swan Conference website for advanced notice of SotS 2020.


Thanks again for your support of what was a very successful and enjoyable SotS 2019.