Researchers Perspectives on Obtaining Biospecimens and Data survey

The Researcher Perspective on Obtaining Biospecimens and Data (RPOBD) is a national biobanking research project which wants to hear from biospecimen researchers about your practices and what future direction biobanking should go both nationally and locally in Western Australia.


The RPOBD survey would like West Australian health and medical researchers to contribute to an anonymous survey on biospecimen practices and researcher opinions. The survey is designed for researchers who have used, are using, or plan to use biospecimens / data or biobanking services in their research methods. If you’re at the beginning of your health and medical research career or have extensive experience the RPOBD team want to hear from you.


The survey aims to investigate:

  • The needs and opinions of researchers towards current biobanking practices in WA;
  • Researchers’ view on future development or models of biobanks in WA


Responses will allow biobanks, their stakeholders, and funders to understand the research demands for biobanking at a state level, as well as contribute to the national biobanking landscape. The survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete, and it’s planned for aggregate results from the responses of all states to be published.


If you have any questions about the survey or would like any additional information please email Amanda Rush (NSW Health).


Take the survey now

The survey shuts COB Friday, 13 March 2020