$3 million to provide opportunities for local COVID-19 research

The McGowan Government is urging all Western-Australia-based researchers to apply for a new $3 million funding program to support COVID-related research.

The new COVID-19 research grants will be awarded on merit. While all projects will need to be scientifically and ethically sound, every effort will be made to expedite high-quality research through the governance process to enable earlier commencement.

Projects could involve anything from trials of new treatments or testing regimes to data or epidemiological studies.

The funding will also be available to provide infrastructure support for COVID-19 research.

Applicants will have until Wednesday April 8, 2020 to lodge applications for research projects and infrastructure support.

The new funding program will be overseen by the WA Department of Health in conjunction with the WA Health Translation Network, which includes consumer representation through the Consumer and Community Health Research Network.


The full media statement can be found on the Government of Western Australia’s website.