Your invitation to visit Israel

In May this year WAHTN Executive Director, Gary Geelhoed, will be travelling to Israel as part of a delegation of WA’s senior health and medical professionals.


The delegation led by WA Heath Minister and Deputy Premier, Hon Roger Cook MLA, has the Health Director General along with the Chief Scientist of WA already signed up. Being part of this delegation means you have unique access to thought leaders, policy makers, investors, senior executives and researchers in one of the world’s leading innovation nations with over 1,400 companies in the health and medical sector alone. Israel is home to the R&D centres for many of the world’s global giants in technology and biotech, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Employing over 85,000 people and attracting over US$1.2 billion in venture capital investments in 2017.


The Top 10 questions the delegation have been tasked to answer:

  1. How has this tiny, new country (8.8 million people in an area one third of the size of Tasmania) developed a world leading culture of innovation and entrepreneurship?
  2. What technologies and advancements in science will most disrupt or impact society, the health system, my organisation, my profession and industry?
  3. What role does the government play in developing start-ups and fostering venture capital investment
  4. Why are Israeli universities, hospitals and research institutes so successful at commercialising its innovation?
  5. What lessons can we take from the leading Israeli hospitals and clinicians?
  6. What are venture capital investors seeking in start-ups and what are the hottest ones right now?
  7. What contacts and relationships in Israel can I develop for the long term?
  8. What relationships do I want to make with the other delegates?
  9. Why is Israelis cuisine world famous?
  10. Does Jerusalem Syndrome actually exist?


If you have a question you want answered please fill in an EOI form and contact the team at AICC (email address in flyer)


Places are limited and filling quickly. Read the 2019 May EOI Form and Delegation Flyer