Digital Health CRC launches national Telehealth Hub

The Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (DHCRC) has launched a new website, the Telehealth Hub, which will help clinicians, health professionals and health consumers to access and deliver telehealth services in Australia more effectively.

In the face of COVID19, rapid adoption of telehealth has been an essential tool in the delivery of health care services. DHCRC launched a series of telehealth webinars that were attended by almost 5,000 people, mainly health professionals.

In the webinars, large audiences learned from expert practitioners and clinicians who generously shared their own experience and tips on getting up to speed effectively and rapidly.

Q&A sessions in the webinars generated a huge amount of valuable information from both presenters and the audience who have submitted links, resources, and recommendations.

DHCRC have collated this crowd-sourced information and presented it on this website, and invite you to add to, update and correct any information you see here – go to the Contact form to submit your questions, information, or suggestions.

DHCRC would also like to acknowledge the numerous government agencies, professional bodies, organisations, and individuals who have contributed the resources shared on the site.