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Fighting the war against COVID-19


Wednesday 29th July 2020
2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

This virtual event will discuss the battle against COVID-19 which almost literally put WA’s Health Department in wartime mode. The urgency to save lives, respond to an unprecedented and rapidly changing environment and communicate factually to the public, are some of the factors WA’s Director General of Health, Dr David Russell-Weisz and WA’s State Health Incident Controller and Deputy Chief Health Officer, Dr Robyn Lawrence are managing.

Meanwhile, in Israel, on the other side of the world, the same pandemic is being managed by Public Health officials more accustomed to extreme situations and crisis. Asher Salmon is Head of International Relations, Israel Ministry of Health. His role is to facilitate cooperation between the Israeli health system and foreign partners like the WA Health Department contingent and delegates who visited on the May 2019 AICC(WA) Health & Medical Delegation to Israel. The purpose of Asher’s work is to improve the health and quality of care for both Israeli citizens and the international community and in doing so, they not only learn from their foreign colleagues such as from WA, but also to share Israeli expertise across countless fields of medicine, contributing to better healthcare worldwide and creating stronger relations for the State of Israel.

Currently, both Health systems have been praised for their handling of the pandemic but from different starting points and societal factors. For the first time, direct from the front lines, Dr Russell-Weisz, Dr Robyn Lawrence and Mr Salmon under the expert facilitation of our event moderator Dr Carlo Bellini, will share their lessons and insights on the management of this on-going pandemic.

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